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The most in-depth online disc golf academy on the market. Learn absolutely everything you need to know in order to level up your game, have more fun, and master the art of Disc Golf.

Spin Putt - Taught By Paul Ulibarri

✅ Stance

✅ Arm Position

✅ Wrist Position

✅ Grip
✅ Momentum Shift
✅ Small Muscles
✅ Release Point
✅ Tap in Putts
✅ Complete Step by Step Examples

✅ Distance Practical Examples
✅ Common Amateur Mistakes
✅ Jump Putt
✅ Step Putt

Push Putt - Taught By Paul Ulibarri

✅ Difference Between Push Putt and Spin Putt

✅ Grip

✅ Creating Spin

✅ Putt by Distance Practical Example

✅ Common Amateur Mistakes

Straddle Putting - Taught By Paul Ulibarri

✅ Elements of Straddle Putt

✅ Putt by Distance Practical Example

✅ Common Amateur Mistakes

Step Putting - Taught By Ezra Aderhold

✅ Step Put. When & Why?

✅ Step Put Mechanics

Winning Putting Strategies - Taught By Simon Lizotte

✅ Putting - Mental Game

✅ Putting - Building Confidence

✅ Putting - Death Putts

✅ Putting - Pre Round Warm Up

✅ Putting - Putting Games

Putting In The Wind - Taught By Paul Ulibarri

✅ Putting In The - Wind Intro

✅ Putting In The Wind - Head Wind

✅ Putting In The Wind - Tail Wind

✅ Putting In The Wind - Left To Right

✅ Putting In The Wind - Right To Left

✅ Putting In The Wind - Things To Remember

X Step - Taught By Paul Ulibarri

✅ Creating Momentum

✅ Footwork
✅ Footwork Part 2
✅ Staying Toe Oriented
✅ Link Upper and Lower Body
✅ Generating Power
✅ Releasing Power Last Step
✅ Aiming. Arm Follows Knee
✅ Anticipating Next Step
✅ Rounding for Touch
✅ Common Mistake.  Timing on Wrong Foot
✅ Common Mistake. Big X Step
✅ Common Mistake.  Staying Level
✅ Fixing Common Amateur Mistakes
✅ Right vs Wrong

Back Hand Throws - Taught By Paul Ulibarri

✅ Grip

✅ Angle Control

Max Distance - Taught By Ezra Aderhold

✅ Brace

✅ Power Pocket

✅ Reach Back

✅ Rounding

✅ Head Position

✅ Non Throwing Arm

✅ Torso Position

✅ Timing

✅ Shot Shape, Release Angle

✅ Conclusion

Touch Shots inside 200 Feet - Taught By Paul Ulibarri

✅ Grip and Arm Position

✅ Footwork
✅ Creating Spin
✅ Putting it All Together

Throwing in The Wind - Taught By Paul Ulibarri

✅ Head Wind

✅ Tail Wind
✅ Right to Left Wind
✅ Left To Right Wind

Shot Shaping - Taught By Paul Ulibarri

✅ Hyzer Flips

✅ Turn Over Anhyzer
✅ Low Control Shot

Side Arm - Taught By Paul Ulibarri

✅ Side Arm Intro & Footwork

✅ Side Arm Grip
✅ Side Arm Weight Shift Body Positioning

✅ Side Arm Weight Shift Body Positioning

✅ Side Arm Upper Body Positioning

✅ Side Arm - Creating Spin on The Disc

✅ Side Arm Fingers & Wrist

✅ Side Arm Follow Through

✅ Side Arm Do's & Dont's

✅ Side Arm Hyzer & Anhyzer

Warm Up For Competitions - Taught By Paul Ulibarri

✅ Warm Ups - Stretching

✅ Warm Ups - Throwing Tail Wind
✅ Warm Ups - Throwing Head Wind

✅ Warm Ups - Putting

Mental Game - Taught By Simon Lizotte

✅ Mental Game Intro

✅ Pre Shot Routine & Checklist
✅ Turn Off Your Brain

✅ Overcoming Bad Holes

Warm Up Routine - Taught By Simon Lizotte

✅ Simon's 2 Minute Warm Up & Stretching Routine

Body Mechanics - Taught By Simon Lizotte

✅ Throw Far With Proper Upper Body Mechanics

How To Approach Practice Rounds - Taught By Simon Lizotte

✅ Practice Round - Hole 1

✅ Practice Round - Hole 16

✅ Practice Round - Hole 18

Course Management, Risk Tolerance & OB - Taught By Ezra Aderhold

✅ Met Center - Hole 12

✅ Met Center - Hole 2

How To Build A Winning Bag - Taught By Ezra Aderhold

✅ Filling Each Slot

✅ Different Plastics

✅ Course Design, Elevation & Wind Considerations

✅ Utility Discs

Scramble Strategy - Taught By Simon Lizotte

✅ Scramble Strategy Scenario 1

✅ Scramble Strategy Scenario 2

✅ Scramble Strategy Scenario 3

✅ Scramble Strategy Scenario 4

Bonus Lessons, Games & Addtional Thoughts - Taught By Simon Lizotte

✅ Play For Fun

✅ Approach Shot Games

✅ The Revolver

Drills and Field Work - Taught By Paul Ulibarri

✅ Putting Game

✅ Creating Spin On Push Putt
✅ Putting Height
✅ Create Consistent Putting Release Point
✅ Putting Speed Control
✅ Create Spin Putt Velocity
✅ Throwing in the wind
✅ 150 Foot Create Spin 
✅ Front, Middle and End Flight (3 part drill)
✅ Getting Back Loaded
✅ Touch Shot Speed Control
✅ Flex Shot
✅ Straight Line Throw

Up and Down Hill Throws - Taught By Holyn Handley

✅ Uphill Shots

✅ Footwork - Uphill Shots
✅ Uphill Shots With Wind
✅ Downhill Shots
✅ Footwork - Downhill Shots
✅ Downhill Shots With Wind

Scramble Shots - Taught By Holyn Handley

✅ Scramble Step Out - Forehand

✅ Scramble Flick Roller
✅ Scramble Decision Making
✅ Scramble Step Out Forehand Course Example
✅ Scramble Patent Pending, Forehand & Roller Course Example
✅ Scramble Final Thoughts

Field Work - Taught By Holyn Handley

✅ Field Work Set Up & Routine

✅ Field Work Equipment and Set Up
✅ Shot Shaping Practice
✅ Skill Sharpening Practice

Playing In The Rain - Taught By Holyn Handley

✅ Rain Equipment and Technique

✅ Adjusting For Bad Weather

Overhand Throws - Taught By Jake Wolff

✅ Introduction

✅ Band Warm Up

✅ Net Warm Up

✅ Tomahawk Vs Thumber

✅ Basic Mechanics

✅ Grip

✅ Arm Angle

✅ Launch Angle

✅ How Disc Stability Impacts Flight

✅ How Speed Impacts Flight

✅ Adding Power & Distance

✅ Head & Tail Wind

✅ When NOT To Throw Overhand

✅ Overhand For Scambling

✅ Overhand For Scambling Pt. 2

✅ Overhand Off The Tee

✅ Wrap Up


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Learn From The Best At Power DGA!

Paul Ulibarri

Paul Ulibarri is undisputedly one of the best disc golf players in the world.

In 2006, Paul won the PDGA Amateur Disc Golf World Championships and began playing professionally the following season. As of June 2020, Ulibarri has competed in over 500 PDGA sanctioned events and has 104 career tournament wins.

Paul is currently the Discraft Team Captain and a member of the commentary team for Jomez Productions.

Simon Lizotte

Simon Lizotte has quickly become one of the biggest names in Disc Golf and an undisputed fan favorite.

In January 2023 Simon signed a ten-year sponsorship deal with MVP Discs after a dominate 2022 season with four Elite Series wins on the Disc Golf Pro Tour, as well as five other top ten finishes and a first place finish at the 2023 Music City Open.

He is also noted for holding the disc golf distance world record on several occasions.

Ezra Aderhold

Ezra Aderhold has become one of the most recognizable power throwers in the game.

In 2023 Ezra collected 10 top 20 finishes in Elite Series and Major Championships. That included a 3rd place podium finish at European Open. He also got 4th place at the 2023 Professional Worlds Long Drive competition.

Ezra’s Vlogs on his YouTube Channel have made him a fan favorite who our students are thrilled to learn from.

Holyn Handley

Holyn Handley has burst onto the FPO scene in a big way and is considered one of the best female players in the world.

With a relatively short disc golf career of only 4 years, Holyn has proven that she belongs at the top of the leader board. She is the 2023 Throw Pink Women’s Champion and finished 3rd at the Disc Golf World Championships.

Holyn’s Pro Tips on her Instagram page have also made her one of the best coaches in the game. Her knowledge of what it takes to go from beginner to DGPT Champion is invaluable

Jake Wolff

Jake Wolff is the newest addition to the Power Disc Golf Academy's esteemed lineup of instructors, bringing a unique perspective and skill set to the table.

As a DGPT tour card holder, Jake's expertise on the course is undeniable. What sets him apart is his specialization in sidearm and tomahawk shots, a rare skill that distinguishes him from his peers.

With a background as a former Division One college baseball pitcher, Jake seamlessly translates his pitching experience to the disc golf course, offering members of the academy invaluable insights and techniques to master these shots. His approach is tailored especially for those with a background in sports like baseball, football, or tennis, providing a pathway to success that feels intuitive and natural.

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What will be taught in the academy?

We will teach all aspects of playing disc golf. We will start with the fundamentals of the sport like proper footwork and work our way to teaching more advanced skills like angel control and throwing in the wind. 

Who would benefit from this program? Beginner, intermediate or Advanced?

 We will teach topics that will help all skill ranges. Paul currently coaches players of all skill levels and that coaching will be included in this Academy.

How will this academy help me be a better disc golfer?

Paul will teach a variety of lessons to help you. “How To” lessons will show you how to properly throw a disc. “Why” Lessons will teach you the thought process that a professional disc golfer goes through to make their shot selections on the course.  “Practice Drill” Lessons will help you get quality intentional practice.  These three things will help you skills improve dramatically.


Access To Our Private Community

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Our team is working on securing exclusive member discounts on discs & gear!

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